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Our company is the result of the work carried out by four generations who have decided to continue a demanding activity, four generations who have decided to never give up, but to enhance the reality of small businesses, the reality of that Italy that wants despite everything, maintain the quality of their work.

That Italy that devotes attention to its customers, offering just as we like to do a service that   sometimes goes well beyond the sale of a product, the repair of the vehicle, the proposal of a rental.

Being a small company, in a spatial context that is an important crossroads but which is not always known or recognized, certainly does not mean for us to be less professional or innovative, nor less far-sighted. Rather, it means paying attention to many, small things, details that make the difference for us, and that do not stop or slow down the flow of our work, but rather enrich it.

Customers who have been back for years could testify to this, certain to find the service they wanted, the reliability, courtesy and kindness they desire, when choosing the vehicle that accompanies longed-for vacation days!

Local customers could testify to this, those who know that they can associate our availability and the quality of the services we offer to our name.

Our business has always revolved around the car, offering all the services necessary for the maintenance and assistance of the same, mechanical workshop, bodywork, roadside assistance.

The rental office is located about 400 meters away. from the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme railway station, reachable on foot in 5 minutes, however we offer, for customers who wish it,   a free shuttle service bookable through the car rental site, both in phase car delivery outlet. Furthermore, next to the train station we have the possibility of using a key-box and parking spaces to provide customers with the possibility of returning the car even outside standard working hours.

We are very happy to have many loyal customers, who come back to us every year, after all we are right next to a railway station located in a strategic area, we are on the main line of the Naples-Rome-Milan train, moreover it has been served for two years. from the Frecciarossa, which allows you to reach Rome in just 45 minutes, Naples and Milan in 2 hours. Many of the customers prefer to rent in Chiusi, as it can be easily reached by train from the main airports to avoid and thus avoid stress and driving in city traffic.

All this is the Donati Garage, we are the Donati Garage.

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